Mike Simpson

Not Guilty

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I have long come to terms with the low emotions associated with sport. The disappointments and the injuries. When you are young your dreams are off the chart, such high hopes, but there is that time when it dawns on you that it’s not all going to happens as you’d planned. Walking away from running (or limping in reality) was a low. That all seems like a lifetime away now, the last 15 years spent in other sports has produced enough excitement and results to more than satisfy.

There has been one emotion however that has always been present and I’ve always hated. Guilt. Sport essentially requires many selfish qualities, the commitment demands it. It has often resulted in letting people down. Although I’ve met many lovely people through sport, I have also lost some friends along the way. I would have to turn down their offers to meet up too many times and eventually, and rightly so, they stop phoning.

So I’m trying now to include slightly less selfish actions in my training. A weekend last month included enough miles ridden to satisfy me, a dose of adventure by sleeping out and although minor, a token environmental element. So here’s my futile attempt to be less selfish……………………………………….let’s go clean a beach!

An individual can’t change the world………. but he should certainly clean up after himself.

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