Mike Simpson

Do you remember the time when we were free?

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There is a special time early in life, just after being let loose from parental supervision and before real life starts, with it's mortgages, bills, jobs and commitments. I'm talking about the age between say 15 and 22 years old.

The adventures, scraps and antics that time in life were special because of the unique naiveity associated with the newly acquired freedom. Going to random places on the spur of the moment, meeting new people, ending up in ridiculous situations and feeling that you were having the time of your life.

Of course at the time I didn't fully appreciate the situation and all the new found possibilities, as I was far too busy feeling lost and alone (probably due to listening to The Cure too much), and it's only looking back that you realise how limitless those adventures were.

Recently going on micro adventures has rekindled these feeling and reminded me of some great memories. It is hard to describe to someone why you would want to sleep out in a bivvi bag. Most can't see the point. I find it fun for countless reasons but mostly for that moment when you wake up and you get to see the view from where you are lying. A view that was obscured by the darkness, a few hours before by the lateness of your arrival to this fresh destination. The sensations that view evokes, in those first few minutes of waking up to a new day, presents you with an exhilarating feeling of love for nature, all the wonderful vistas around you and reminds you that futile, off the cuff adventures are just such a brilliant way to spend your free time.

'Mate, do you remember the time when we rode to Eastbourne and slept on that beach?'

'Yes I do, it was last weekend.'

I'm still a kid......everyday.


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