Mike Simpson

Live Free and Ride Hard

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Just back from a 500 plus miles 7 day training camp. The first briefing was slightly worrying, the Train in Spain guru's accent sounded exactly like Staff Sergeant Eddie Stone from 'SAS Are You Tough Enough'. Are we in for a strict, painful week? Far from it, John was kind and considerate to all our needs. Even sharing his evenings with us and his family at the many local restaurants.

There were many highlights throughout the week but the 169km route on day 5 really showed what the area had to offer, short digs, constant leg burningly steep sections and some monster long climbs. But the location is only part of it, getting to know friends better and make new ones makes for a pleasant week. And names that last week would mean nothing to me....Val de Ebo, Col de Rates, Montgo, La Vall de Laguar now conjure up memories of pain, reward and satisfaction. But this was also a holiday and no holiday in Spain would be complete without the obligatory last night altercation with a nice Derby lad in a chicken onesie :) 

It's easy to train hard, just devise a tough regime and stick to it. There are so many people in chains around the world whose cruel regime is forced upon them, to be able to control your lifestyle is a freedom I know to appreciate every day.

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