Mike Simpson

Cent Cols memories 2009 - Feed stop revamp

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We were extremely well looked after by the organisers of the first ever cent cols challenge but by stage 7 the food at the morning feed stop had become very repetitive, eating the same make of cake/biscuits day in day out had started to make the stop very mundane and dull. The pleasure was fading as the last really tough few days of the tour were beginning to bite. Curtis Sullam had pushed himself so hard on the previous days stage he had made himself ill and was forced to sit out the mornings stage in the support van. Now most of us having to miss a section of the race would have spent the time sulking in a strop in the back of the van, but not Curtis. Upon arriving at the feed stop the riders were greeted with a delight of different sweets, drinks and cakes supplied (probably out of his own pocket) by Curtis. Not only that but he was keenly running about filling all the riders bidons up. All the riders moral was shot instantly through the roof. And we all pushed  on up the next mountain with a renewed vigour and appetite for the challenge. (It's amazing how good  Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts taste after so long on the bike). So you can have wonderful roads, mountains and support but add beautiful people and it becomes unforgettable.

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